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So the Pillars of Pentegarn have been busy lately, but unfortunately not with D&D matters.

I still have an older blog about our tenth session to put up and will get around to it soon. But that's from back in January. Real Life(tm) has intruded on our D&D sessions horribly. Doug (Lardli) couldn't make the last couple of sessions, so we swapped things around and I DM'ed an adventure for the rest of the group over two sessions. It was the Free RPG Day Dark Sun adventure that's floating around on theĀ inter-webs.

It was a lot of fun switching to the DM role for a bit, though I'm nowhere near ready to trade in the joy of playing Toby for a regular tour of duty behind the screen. Dark Sun is kind of interesting, but I don't think it's really a fit with us long-term; the bone and stone, sword and sandals vibe would be rather oppressive before long with this group. We have more of an Eberron vibe.

Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. It was kind of liberating for the PCs to use pre-rolled characters and not fuss about rolling up. The adventure was very well written, with a nice combination of dramatically different skill challenges and combat encounters. Two arena-based encounters were part of it, and we especially enjoyed the first arena encounter, which used combat skills but prohibited direct combat and involved using terrain and bull rushes in a Capture the Flag-ish encounter. A particular highlight for me was the second skill challenge, which was basically "CSI: Altaruk", involving the use of skills to investigate a murder scene.

All told, a really enjoyable diversion in our D&D world, but after doing two sessions in Dark Sun, and then missing a couple weekends due to RL(tm) commitments, I'm absolutely dying to inhabit Toby's sneaky shoes and get back to the Keep on the Shadowfell next weekend.

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