Readers of this blog well know I’ve been having problems getting my Telus internet hookup up and running since I moved a few weeks ago. Frustrated by the many false promises I got from Telus, I posted this tweet a few days ago; shortly after I posted this blog.

So right about 24 hours after I posted these, my wife gets a phone call, from someone identifying themselves as an executive with Telus in Alberta. They said they’d seen “Chris” on Twitter post about Telus problems and wanted to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Telus then did so; not long after my wife getting this phone call, a Telus technician was at our house, and he got my internet up and working as quickly as possible.

The power of Twitter can be quite amazing. Note that I’m anonymous enough on my Twitter and blog that they only had a very common first name to go by; they must’ve correlated this with the dates and service problems I mentioned in the blog in order to contact my wife about our account. That accounts for the 24 hour delay in response, and I’m quite surprised it took less than 24 hours for them to figure out which one of their customers was “harrysaxon23”. I’m duly impressed, though it’s weird that some foul-mouthed Twitter/blog ranting got a much better response than the traditional channel we explored, of 5+ hours spent on the phone with various Telus employees.

While I’ve been angry with Telus about these problems, I’m very happy with my service now that it’s up and running. I’m very impressed with the way they got things working so quickly, as it turned out there were several fairly intricate problems with DSL service to my address that all got fixed very quickly.

I’m only sorry that it took so long to receive the attention any paying customer deserves when trying to get service hooked up in their home, and that our time – and their employees’ time – was wasted with hours on the phone trying to receive the results that 140 characters on the right social networking site delivered.