I just need to rant about this piece of shit fucking company.

Three weeks ago we contacted Telus – western Canada’s telephone monopoly – to get our phone line and DSL service switched off at the old house and turned on in the new house. After just under an hour spent on hold, we finally get through to someone. They’re useless, and it takes another 20 minutes before they can connect us to someone who knows or can do anything. They said no problem, and they’d have it switched over by the 20th of November.

Of course, the 20th came and went, no internet. So we phone them (45 minutes on hold) and bitch. So sorry, the work order didn’t go through. It’ll be switched on by the 24th. Plus, they’ll give us a free month. OK, not happy, but fine.

The 24th comes and goes. We call. Oops, the work order STILL didn’t go through. Now we’re seriously pissed. Lisa gets scary mad at times like this, and after another interminable session spent on hold, she lets them have it in a calm, reasonable, furious way. We come out of this with an absolute promise to have the internet turned on by the 29th. Plus, they’re giving us three free months internet and three free months Telus TV if we’d like to sign up with it. Also, they’re sending us a new router/modem because I hated the old one. Still mad, but placated, we await internet hookup.

You guessed it, the 29th comes and goes, still no internet. We get in touch with them yet again (no long wait this time, someone finally gave us a direct number). Apparently, the internet has been turned on, but our old modem/router doesn’t work with it. Fortunately, they sent us a new router the week before, it’s arriving on Dec. 3rd, and we’ll be good to go.

Once again, no router on the 3rd, so no internet for the weekend – again. Annoying, but that’s how the mail goes sometimes. It arrived today.

Yup, it is exactly the same piece of shit Siemens fucking router that I already had. And it still doesn’t work with the fucking internet.

Those of you in the US who bitch about your internet providers – you have no fucking idea. I only have one other option for high-speed internet, and it comes from a crappy little local cable company who offer a whopping 5 megabit connection for the same price as Telus’s 25 megabit connection.

Fuck you, Telus. I hope your shareholders give thanks every day this company gets to operate in a country where they don’t have to actually compete in the free market, because this company would go down faster than their incompetent employees’ moms.