My obsession with Doctor Who goes back to well before the days of the rebooted series. I’d had bits and pieces of computer hardware named in Doctor Who themed ways for years, but lately, the proliferation of great tech peripherals has made my tech life Doctor Who themed to a very geeky level. I mean, I didn’t just think of any name from the Doctor Who universe I could think of, but put thought into how they are appropriately used. I just thought I’d share.

Obviously I use “harrysaxon” as a pseudonym on the internet. This is a reference to a character in the third season of the rebooted Doctor Who. (I usually tack the number 23 after it if “harrysaxon” is unavailable, which is an Illumanitus! Trilogy thing, not a Doctor Who thing).

I extend this into a lot of my gaming and internet life – for instance, my Rock Band band is “The Gallifreyans” (the Doctor’s home planet), and the band members all have Doctor Who themed-names – Harry Saxon (me), Sally Sparrow (my wife’s character and the star of “Blink”), and Rose Tyler (my sister’s character and 9th/10th Doctor’s companion). Our band’s stand-ins are Jack Harkness (9th Doctor companion and star of Torchwood) and Martha Jones (10th Doctor companion). Even my “secondary” band has a Doctor Who themed name – “The Raxicoricofallipatorians”, an alien race from the rebooted series.

On to the computer names…

My principle computer – The TARDIS. The Doctor’s time machine and chief residence. Pretty obvious.
My netbook – The Whomobile. Named after the Third Doctor’s fan-nicknamed car, which he used in the years his TARDIS was unavailable.
My iPhone – Sonic Screwdriver. The ultimate all-purpose device.
My iPod nano – K9. Small, slightly annoying sidekick.

Now going deeper…

“The TARDIS”‘s hard drive – Heart of the TARDIS. The… heart of the TARDIS. Also obvious.
“The TARDIS”‘s external hard drive – Eye of Harmony. In brief, the external power source of Time Lord civilization and TARDISes.
“The TARDIS”‘s backup hard drive – Zero Room. The room in the TARDIS where the Fifth Doctor went to recuperate after his regeneration.
“The Whomobile”‘s hard drive – Whomobile’s Engine. Not very imaginative but best I could think of.
My USB keys – Psychic Paper. An instantly rewrite-able and portable information storage medium.

Using the theme of the space-time continuum as something the TARDIS accesses…

My principle wifi network – Time Vortex. The external medium which the TARDIS moves through. More a nickname for the internet.
My secondary wifi network – Untempered Schism. The flaw in the Time Vortex that young Time Lords must gaze into. Used for my ISP-provided router, which is flaky.
My PS3 access point – Torchwood. A totally secondary and separate access hub to the “Time Vortex” like Torchwood‘s rift.

And, for the final geek-out…

My house on Foursquare: The Citadel of the Time Lords.

Is there anyone else out there who gets into theming these names in some way like this? Or am I just nuts?

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