So I’m watching the 14th episode of the 6th season of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”, and I notice a really funny thing. See, back in the early aughts when this episode first broadcast, I didn’t know Rilo Kiley’s music at all. Now I’m a huge fan of Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis, and was very happy to hear a track from their first album, Take-Offs and Landings, playing on the soundtrack of the episode. Then I start to realize that the song is “Pictures of Success”. I listen closely, and…

interlude; one of the things Jenny is particularly famous for, at least on older recordings, is a sweetly cadenced potty mouth. “Pictures of Success” has a fan favourite. Berating a pretentious boyfriend in the song, she intones, “I’ve had it with you, and Mexico can fucking wait… and all of those, French films about trains.”

Yeah, that’s right, 13:59 into the episode, “… and Mexico can fucking wait” can be heard clearly – just after Buffy says “No problem” to Sophie’s list of food allergies. It’s easily missed unless you’re familiar with the song. I’m certain it has never been censored in the network broadcasts, as it simply wouldn’t have been allowed if the network had noticed. The “fucking” is during a moment of no dialogue, and an edit would be very blatant and noticeable at that moment, and would have drawn attention at the time to the sequence.

So there you have it – to this day in syndication, most likely, there’s an episode of Buffy out there which drops a background F-bomb to the ignorance of Big Brother. Buffy was already so awesome in so many ways. Here’s yet another.

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