The latest episode of Doctor Who is the first episode of the new season that really shows the new direction of the series. Stephen Moffat took over this season, and while he wrote the pilot, there is a certain formula to the first episode of a new Doctor and new Companion that constrains the writer to a degree.

We’ve gotten past the introductions of the new Doctor and his companion; we’ve had the first future and historical episodes. The stage is set to really let this new series carve its interpretation into the world of the Doctor. Moffat doesn’t disappoint.

Two of Moffat’s most celebrated episodes were “Blink”, the one-off episode that introduced the Weeping Angels, one of the most frightening Doctor Who villains of all time. Another was last season’s “Library” 2-episode arc, which introduced Professor River Song, someone who has a massive influence in the Doctor’s life in the future but whom he keeps meeting out of order so is always at a disadvantage.

This is one of the best aspects to the River/Doctor dynamic; he doesn’t really know her (in the viewer’s timeline), but must trust her since he knows (since she knows his true name, something few people have ever known) his future incarnations will. It allows the Doctor to get ordered around while not entirely understanding why, which is good for humour’s sake, and is a dynamic not often seen in the Doctor’s world.

I don’t want to go into details about the episode since it’s the first half of a 2-parter. Suffice to say that if you were a fan of “Blink”, you will be even more frightened by the Weeping Angels in this episode. And if you’re a fan of great Moffat dialogue and soliloquies you won’t be disappointed. I just can’t wait for next week to see how it turns out.

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