I just finished watching the new Doctor Who episode – the first new regular-season episode in nearly two years. My first impression – through a haze of liquor from a great dinner party, admittedly – is insane excitement for the new season.

Matt Smith, filling massive shoes after David Tennant’s departure, impressed me much more than I expected. And his new companion – Amy or Amelia Pond is the character’s name, not sure the actress’s name yet – was a fantastic choice. I’ve already developed a crush. A sweet, wide-eyed ginger who’s as ready for anything as Rose was is a great start. The maddenly cute Scottish accent just cements the deal.

Stephen Moffat, taking the helm from Russell Davies, started things off with an episode of the quality I expect from him after the first-class episodes he’s written over the last several seasons. Most of the best DW episodes since the reboot have been his writing, and he doesn’t disappoint in the slightest for his debut as show-runner.

While the new Doctor and his companion have some character development to come, this is what I was hoping for – Matt Smith was fantastic. So was his companion. I’m extremely excited for the new Doctor’s adventures and look forward to a dozen weeks of the greatest and most enduring show in English-langugage television of all time.

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