I haven’t been posting on Twitter or such lately. Not sure why, just haven’t had the impetus. So these are my current haps.

– Finished my read-through of the major Tolkien works on Middle-Earth; followed it up with a complete watch-through of the extended edition of the trilogy, which I finished tonight after 6 days of Lord of the Rings movie awesomeness. Final assessment; yeah, I love LotR, and it was a fun way to ramp-up my first watch-through of the movies since Return of the King was still kicking around on HBO. Sure I wore Lisa out with lectures on differences between the film and the books. Plan on really hitting the special features of the DVD set, at last, in the coming weeks.

– My follow-up book to the works of Tolkien was Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”. First-rate epic of the sort King hasn’t done in awhile. Furthermore notable for his large-scale research and uncompromising climax. In short, I loved it.

– Due to the airing of “The Pacific” I’ve delved deeply into my WWII history shelves. Re-watched “Band of Brothers” on Blu-ray, and am currently re-reading Ambrose’s book. Whether “The Pacific” will live up to BoB’s legacy still remains to be seen, but the first two episodes were pretty great, though very different from BoB.

– Video games have taken a back seat the last couple months, with the 2010 Olympics dominating most of my time in February, a marathon watch-through of the Oscar-nominated best films, then my tear-throughs of the media mentioned above. Heavy Rain’s demo on PS3 blew me away and I look forward to the full game. Bioshock 2 has been terrific, but taking a break somewhat due to the stresses of the series. Have been enjoying Prince of Persia’s relatively mellow and death-free vibe on the console lately.

– Currently awaiting my Dell Mini 10v to play with some Hackintosh goodness. Will update about my experience with an OSX netbook in the coming weeks.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately – nothing too remarkable, but often attention and time consuming.

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