I’ve been deeply immersed in Middle-Earth for the past couple months, as I decided to to a more-or-less chronological read-through of all the published material on it. I was poking around on Wikipedia looking at Tolkien articles, and I found this interesting bit in the history of the page on Eldarion (Aragorn & Arwen’s son):

Eldarion’s lineage would make him 7/128 Vanyar, 5/128 Noldor, 1/32 Teleri, 9/64 Sindar (for a total of 17/64 Elvish, or about a quarter), 5/256 Maiar, 15/256 of the House of Beor, 1/128 of the House of Hador, 1/128 of the House of Haleth, and depending on the purity of Aragorn’s ancestry, up to 1/2 Numenorean.

It had been reverted as original research, and when I really looked at it, the math didn’t check out (they only account for 55/64 of Eldarion’s ancestry with the above figures). So I tried doing the math myself. I did it as percentage rather than fractions, and worked backwards from Eldarion to all of his mixed ancestors. This is what I came up with:

1.56% Maiar (above 5/256=1.95%), 39.06% Elvish (17/64=26.56%), 9.38% Edain (19/256=7.42%), 50% Numenorean.

The Numenorean figure obviously doesn’t change. For lack of better data, we have to assume Aragorn was 100% Numenorean, though no matter the particular tribes of Men that Aragorn descended from, Eldarion comes out as 59.38% human and 39.06% elvish, with the remainder his Maiar blood from his great-great-great-great grandmother Melian.

I didn’t break down the Edain or Elvish into their various sub-groups. I’m not entirely sure how the above Wikipedia editor assigned them, as some of Eldarion’s ancestors are difficult to assign to specific groups of the elves. Celeborn, Galadriel’s husband and Eldarion’s great-grandfather, is a notable problem; according to much of Tolkien’s writing on him, he’s a Doriathan Sindar that Galadriel met after the flight of the Noldor; in his later writings, however, he’s a Telerin prince that she met in Valinor. Classifying his great-great-great-great grandfather Thingol is a little tricky too, due to his peculiar status as king of the Sindar, but also a Teleri who saw the light of the Two Trees.

I think it suffices to say that Eldarion had confirmed blood from every major group of elves except the Avari and the Nandor, and they’re the two groups of elves that really don’t figure significantly in Tolkien’s stories. So Eldarion combined strains from the Vanyar, Noldor, Teleri, Sindar, most of the races of Men mentioned prominently, and even a sprinkling of the Maiar blood of Gandalf, Sauron and the Balrogs, making him effectively descended from all of the first three ages of the world. Pretty cool way to wrap everything up in one figure at the end of it all.