I’ve never seen the difference between Canadian and American news broadcasts as clearly as I did tonight switching between the pre-Opening Ceremonies footage on NBC and CTV. I mean, really:

NBC: 15 minutes on the death of the Georgian luger. Several interviews about how dangerous the track is. Graphic footage of his crash several times. Footage of other crashes on the track. Then, the part I was looking forward to; a profile on Vancouver. Becomes a bit on the friendship between Canada and the US. Starts talking about the war in Afghanistan, which becomes a weirdly long tangent on Canadian involvement in the Iran hostage crisis of ’79. Then they invoke Gander and 9/11. Back to you, Brian Williams.

CTV: Bits on the speed skating venues, and the Canadian speed skating hopefuls. A quick interview with Shaun White. Then a cut to Whistler, where they profile the city a bit, then go to one of the parties. Two chicks take a body shot off a guy. Then a guy with some chicks in a hot tub talks about concerts in Whistler, then gets a couple guys to strip to their underwear for free beer. Cut to Manuel Osborne-Paradis’s mom talking about him “chillaxing” on the couch at home in prep for the Games. Back to you, Brian Williams.

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