As you’ve probably heard, reports are now saying that Microsoft banned modified over one million modified consoles from XBL as they were modded to play pirated games, forcing these users to buy new consoles if they want to continue playing XBL online.

They didn’t ban or zero-gamerscore the accounts used on these consoles, though in a way I think they should. They ban gamertags for using gamesaves to game the achievement system – and aren’t these people doing the same, by inflating their gamerscores with hundreds of games that the regular gamer can’t afford?

Yeah, I know, they can’t. It would be nice if they could, but they can’t tell which gamertag on a given console is a pirate. It’s quite possible that I could truck my memory card over to a buddy’s house for some Rock Band 2 and he never mentions that he modded his console. I don’t know the disc in the drive is a DVD-R, and I get banned and zeroed for no good reason.

I can’t believe anyone’s outraged by this, but many people are, judging by the comment threads I see online. You frickin’ mod your system to play pirated games, then get pissed that Microsoft catches you. Then they don’t do anything but prevent you from playing online from that console. No XBL ban for your gamertag, no zeroing of your gamerscore – you just can’t use that console online ever again. You can play single-player pirated games to your heart’s content as long as you don’t care about gamerscore. All they did was stop you from playing your pirated games online or earning gamerscore with them, on the online service they provide and are perfectly within their rights to refuse service to. They were kind, in my opinion. Just how deep does of culture of entitlement go?