While somewhat amusing to see grouped together, I think this video sort of misses the point.

The real problem is that all these films need to remove┬áthe possibility of phoning in help. It’s just a plot necessity. That’s because if you put a character into any classic horror situation the same people who put together snarky videos about plot devices would be saying, “Why the hell don’t any of these characters have cell phones?”

What I mean is, notice how the films are all basically from the past 10 years? It isn’t a plot device or movie cliche, really; in fact, that video clearly shows a range of excuses writers have used to take cell phones off the table in thrillers, and not just the simple “no signal” – though it dominates, of course. It’s just a minor, obligatory scene which lets the writer communicate to the audience, “Yes, of course they have cell phones, but I can’t have them using them. Can I get a little suspension of disbelief?”