So, like many who were at the Penny Arcade Expo ’09,I got hit by H1N1. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, which is why I never got around to doing a wrap-up of the convention.

In brief, it was terrific, and we look forward to going back next year, #paxflu be damned. Outside of the plain fun that was had, especially the concert and any time Jerry and Mike took the stage, it was invigorating to immerse ourselves amidst that many 10s of thousands of people who share your interests. Despite the usual con things like people in full Jedi gear, it was a remarkably… well, through lack of a better word, hip gathering compared to my experience at SF, Trek and comic cons.

I’m cutting my thoughts on PAX short, as upon re-reading my daily posts they already contain most of what I want to say. On a secondary note, this site is getting some attention again. I’ve changed the look of the site again to still keep as much information as before but in a cleaner, easier-to-follow layout.

I decided to shut down Not a Planet Anymore as a collaborative blog sans collaborators is just forces me to split my time between two not-that-different blogs. All my posts that were only put up over on NAPA I’ve copied back over, as I don’t want people having to switch between two similar WordPress sites to read my (admittedly meagre) output in the past year. So if it’s me you’re looking to read, drop your links and feeds to NAPA and sign up over here.