10:57 AM – Minor disaster when Lisa forgot her pass back in the hotel room. But we got wristbands for the Freezepop and Jonathan Coulton concert tonight anyway, which is sweet. Wandered about the exhibit floor again, but can’t see standing in a 3 hour line to play Left 4 Dead 2 for 10 minutes. Currently standing in line to meet Wil Wheaton.

11:30 AM – Wheaton changed plans & wasn’t going to be there until noon, so we bailed & are at the live taping of the G4 weekend Feed.

11:57 AM – According to Adam Sessler, PAX is the friendliest and “least smelly” gaming con. Heh.

2:20 PM – Watching Mike draw the new strip live. Jerry’s not here because his wife gave birth this morning, so Scott Kurtz is with him… (later) Jerry just showed up. I knew these guys were talented, but I had no idea how talented and funny they could be in front of a crowd.

7:25 PM – The Harmonix presentation about the Rock Band Network was astonishing. This is going to be HUGE. With no more than a PC with a MIDI editor – the one they were using to demo cost $60 – and their free software, Magma, and an XBNA membership, bands can get their songs in the RB store with the same level of control as Harmonix. Note charts, of course, but lighting, character animations, automatic lip-sync for the avatars, everything. It’s amazing. And a cottage industry has already started of people doing it for bands who don’t want to learn the software. Bands can set their own prices and get a third of the revenue (Harmonix and Microsoft get the other 2/3). This is more powerful software than Harmonix themselves are currently using for DLC. Peer review process for publishing. Realtime preview of how the note charts will look in-game. This is going to be revolutionary – I thought they were years away from anything like this.

Then Jonathan Coulton performed a song. The HMX guy showed the song in the editor, showed many aspects of how it’s authoured. Then they sent it to the Xbox in the room and people from the crowd performed it, with JC on guitar. Videos of both performances will be on Youtube when I get home.

2:53 AM – Hell of a concert, hell of a day. Changing “My Monkey” to “Wil Wheaton” for the whole song, singing “Still Alive” with 6,000 people were the highlights of Coulton. Bedtime.