12:30 PM – In line for the keynote speech. Internet connecivity is sketchy and I’m not getting gouged for data roaming this trip, so I plan to just write the entry throughout the day and publish when I get back to the hotel.

1:57 PM – Just finished watching Ron Gilbert’s excellent and funny keynote speech. I liked his unicorn poo t-shirt. Mostly he talked about how he got into the industry back in the days when he wrote Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. Sticking around in the main theatre to watch the Q&A with Gabe and Tycho, one of the high points of the expo for PA fans.

2:06 PM – The sound of this entire room cracking their knuckles at the same instant was… wet.

2:17 PM – Desert Bus is going off again this year, Nov. 20.

4:37 PM – Wandered around the exhibit floor for awhile, but too tired to line up for a game demo at the moment. Met Adam Sessler and talked with him a minute – nice guy, took Lisa’s picture with him.

6:05 PM – Acquired some swag, headed off-site and had some food. Trying to figure out what to do until the Ubisoft demo at 7:30.

8:57 PM – Demo of the upcoming Splinter Cell was excellent, and Assassin’s Creed 2 looks amazing. They really look like they’ve strived to eliminate the issues that brought the first down a bit. Going to take a last wander around and call it a night, it was a long day.