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As you may or not be aware, I’ve been absent here for some time. My excuse is fairly solid; I’ve been on vacation, during which I got married in Las Vegas to my girlfriend of 15 years.

It was a pretty epic 2-week road trip with myself, my bride, the best man and the maid of honour. We passed through Boise and Salt Lake City, then we¬† spent nearly a week in Vegas – where, in addition to getting married with a couple dozen close friends and family in attendance, golfing in desert heat, and losing a considerable sum of money at the tables, we ate many great dinners and saw Penn & Teller’s superb show – then spent several days in Los Angeles, where we showed Disneyland who’s boss by pitching a perfect game. To top it off, we saw a couple games in legendary Dodger Stadium, one of them from the club section where food was free and Joe Torre was so close I could’ve hit him with a peanut. The best man & maid of honour flew back from L.A., and the last two days was an unromantic but impressive charge up the I-5 all the way from Anaheim to home.

Today I finished publishing the photos from the whole trip over on Flickr. Now that that first task is over post-vacation, I hope to be posting more. Though there’s still four hours of video to edit together as well…

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