Been low-key on the gaming recently, though I picked up The Lost and the Damned GTA4 expansion, and I’m rather impressed so far. Been hitting up classic XBLA arcade games for gamerscore challenges as well, and finally knocked off a bunch of easily gained GoW2 multiplayer achievements. Other than that, just been playing a round or two of golf in TW09 to keep my streak up.

Keeping up with my usual TV shows. New addition, Dollhouse, is still jury-out. Late-night marathoned Arrested Development and Firefly again recently; moved on to my first watch-through of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since 2004. With Lisa, have been marathoning How I Met Your Mother in between new epis of current shows. Lisa loves it, I’m more on the fence, the laugh track and sitcom staples just grate on me at times, and I’m not much a fan of Ted, the main character. Still really enjoying it for the hearty helping of NPH goodness.

Light videogame playing and lack of movie watching mostly chalked up to reading a lot lately, Stanza on iPhone stuff. Got a widget that shows my more recent forays, no need to list them all here.