Okay, I’m not much of a football fan, nor do I really know much about the game. But that game kicked ass. Exciting plays and a lead that swung back and forth enough to keep me glued to the TV, especially the last few minutes. The Boss rocked, as well.

The Office episode that came after was outstanding. Both hard to watch at times – Michael’s roast – and then sublimely funny.

Excellent episode of Big Love tonight, if you’re a fan; confirmation about the compound and the “Prophet” like we haven’t really seen since the beginning, terrific subplot with the future 4th wife.

Some good Superbowl ads – all seen online instead of their proper HD glory thanks to the CRTC – but not as many as in years past. Blame the economy. The Hulu ad pwned all. Weird to see no presence at all from the big gaming/computer companies – nothing about PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo, Apple, Microsoft. Are they all hurting so bad they couldn’t afford 30 seconds?