10. Transformers 2 – the first film, flaws and quibbles aside, dazzled me with effects while making me feel like I was 10 years old again. Really hoping they can pull that off a second time.

9. Doctor Who holiday specials – well, anytime there’s new Doctor Who, it’s to be anticipated; this year’s Easter and Christmas specials will be all the more special as the number of David Tennant episodes left to look forward to dwindles to only a few.

8. God of War III – The first seventh-generation installment of David Jaffe’s superb God of War series is one of only a few major franchise installments to look forward to this year, and will probably be the first thing since Metal Gear Solid 4 to get me to turn on my PS3 for an extended period of time.

7. Tron 2 – details about the sequel to everyone’s favourite proto-cyberspace movie are scant yet, and it may not make it out until 2010, but what the hell. The first film is at least 20% responsible for turning me into a video game geek beyond redemption at a young age. Now, about Wargames 2…

6. Inglourious Basterds – okay, not exactly keeping with NAPA’s usual theme of the SF/gaming world, but I’m still more excited about this movie than anything else in the past few years. Tarantino doing a WWII film inspired by and homage to movies like The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, Guns of Navarone, and Where Eagles Dare? Yes please!

5. Resident Evil 5 – the return of Chris Redfield and the sequel to one of the arguably best 5 video games ever made. Sure to draw controversy, but if it can even come close to RE4, it’ll probably be my favourite game of the year.

4. Torchwood season 3 – while my excitement is tempered somewhat by the announcement that budgetary concerns have turned this season of TW into a 5-episode mini-series, plus the rumour that Freema Agyeman will be passing on reprising her role as Martha in order to star in Law & Order: London, the return of Captain Jack and Gwen is enough to keep me excited.

3. PAX – arguably the best video game convention of the year since the demise of E3 – and unquestionably the greatest for less mainstream and indie games – plus the greatest comic/geek-out convention this side of ComicCon, run by my favourite geeks on the planet, and only a 3 hour drive from my home.

2. Dollhouse – Joss Whedon returns to the tube, bringing along former Slayer Eliza Dushku and a reasonably interesting Alias-inspired premise. The premise doesn’t matter much with Whedon; what there is to look forward to is the first taste of his sharp wit, robust dialogue and sly social commentary since the sad demise of Firefly. Sadly, the Firefly time slot (Friday nights) and network (FOX) haven’t changed, which may mean that this is another half-season wonder doomed by some FOX suit who has a gripe. Confidence is not high, but hope is.

1. The penultimate season of Lost – over the last several years, Lost has defied prediction and shown that its masterminds, Lindoff and Cuse, cooked this show up with a real long-term arc in mind. It lost a big chunk of viewers with the start of Season 2 when it made its transition from mainstream Survivor-like drama to unabashed sci-fi head-scratcher; it pissed a lot of those fans who remained off when it became the all-Jack/Kate/Sawyer love-triangle show in season 3. Then came a parachutist to the island, Ben started talking, and it provided us with over 20 episodes straight of some of the best drama on television. With 34 episodes to go, this 17-episode season is the crucial one, where we find out if they’re just blowing smoke, or whether they’re setting us up for one of the greatest denouements in network TV history. No matter where the ride ends up, I’m really looking forward to climbing on.