So I basically have 3 places where I’d like to keep my bookmarks in sync: My home computer, my iPhone, and my work computer. On my home (Mac) and work (Windows) computers I use Firefox; obviously I use Safari on my iPhone.

My home and work bookmarks sync beautifully thanks to Foxmarks, a free add-on to Firefox. But my iPhone is completely unplugged from both of those. And here is where I get pissed off. iTunes, on a Windows computer, can sync with IE, but there is no other browser on OSX that I can sync my iPhone with other than Safari.

If I were a Windows user, I could easily keep my Firefox and Internet Explorer bookmarks synchronized. In turn, iTunes would keep my IE bookmarks synced with my iPhone, and I would always have my up-to-date bookmarks on my iPhone.

But in this case, I actually suffer as an OSX/iPhone user. There is no way – short of paying between $12 and $20 US – of keeping my Firefox bookmarks synced with Safari; so there is no way to keep my bookmarks synced with my iPhone, short of a manual, daily export/import of HTML bookmarks files. This is a fucking joke. Apple, I’ve been a supporter of yours for many years now; I was a Mac user in the days where people looked at you funny, like something was wrong with you, if you were an Apple user. In most respects, being an OSX user and an iPhone user has benefits, but in this case, you’re letting Windows users have more flexibility and freedom when it comes to a major aspect of online surfing due to your desire to push Safari down every OSX user’s throat.

Now I like Safari well enough; it’s a much better browser than IE. But, until you offer even half the features that Firefox does, it’ll never be my primary browser. Stop trying to turn me away from Firefox due to inconvenience; either bring your browser up to the standards and flexibility of Firefox, or let me sync my damn bookmarks with my iPhone.

Note that I’m also a user, and do like that service, but there’s two problems with it; one, their iPhone app sucks; and two, delicious is never going to be as smoothly integrated into my web browser as its own bookmarks. Actually, I use delicious for a lot of my random bookmarking, but what I’m really after here is keeping my bookmarks bar – those dozen-odd links and folders always at my fingertips at the top of my browser – usable across all my browsing platforms.

More than anything else, I should never, never be at a disadvantage in usability as a OSX/iPhone user compared to a Windows/iPhone user. I spend a ton of money on Apple products, 90% of the time with full satisfaction; there are just a handful of small things that dissatisfy me (cut-and-paste/video recording on iPhone, mostly), but this is a pretty major one. Please come up with a way to fix it.