So Tim Kring recently did an interview about the problems “Heroes” has been beset by in the past season. My quick impression of his remarks:

“The writer’s strike screwed us up. Our viewers aren’t smart enough to get what we’re doing. Damn writer’s strike. We have absolutely no idea where this is going and are trying to fly by the seat of our pants. Oh, the viewers are fickle. DVRs and Bittorrent have made us confused and scared. We abandoned several characters because we were out of ideas for them. Stupid writer’s strike. It’s all going to get better, even though we have no plan for where all this is ultimately heading. Not that it’s bad, but we realize it needs to get better. Can’t you all just watch it live instead of DVRing it so we don’t look quite so bad to the ratings? We’re going to try to make our incomprehensible plot arcs shorter because we have no overall plan for the series. Did I mention the writer’s strike? Stupid writers, I’ve written the only good episodes anyway. Oh, did I mention that many of our viewers are dumb? Oh, right. Keep tuning in.”

Thinking that I’m done with this show.